Couple Therapy in which both members of a relationship agree to be treated at the same time. In couples therapy, we review the exceptions to the consultation problem. Members are invited to rewrite a new chapter with the strengths and virtues that have made them share a good part of their lives. Most of the course of therapy is provided to both members of the couple. Couples therapy can be for married couples, known as marital therapy, or for couples seeking a civilized and harmonious separation, known as separation therapy.

USD $150.00 60 minutes


Steps to consider in previously scheduled virtual Couple Therapy sessions:
  1. You will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your scheduled appointment.
  2. Before the session, regularly on the same day of the scheduling, you will receive an email with the following documents: Informed consent to be signed, personal data collection sheet, and depending on the type of scheduled therapy, questionnaires, or inventories to evaluate your emotions or emotional state before starting the intervention.
  3. bEmotion normally uses an online platform specialized in virtual consultations called bEmotion will send the connection link to your email or WhatsApp one hour before the previously scheduled appointment.
  4. For the day of the session, we recommend a private place, away from distracting environmental factors and where the internet connection is stable and secure. The use of headphones is recommended to ensure greater privacy.
  5. Remember that the duration of the sessions of the selected therapies is between 45 to 60 minutes. The free consultation is 30 minutes.

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