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Let’s Talk…


G. David Jaramillo


October 14, 2022


Let’s talk….

We should spend a significant amount of time talking with our spouse if we want to get our marriage or relationship back on track or rekindled. Many people don’t understand the power of simple conversation, whether it’s small talk or not, because it builds on the love that already exists between the two of you. It is possible to remember good times even though you have gone through difficult times in your relationship. Who knows, perhaps today or tomorrow may be an excellent time to work out the pertinent issues that are bothering you and move forward in the relationship. It would be helpful if you also spent time reading or praying together, because quiet time is often the best time to think. You will find yourself sharing a lot with your partner when you have some quiet time for yourself regularly. Whether reading novels or newspapers or praying at a set time, you can set the tone for the appropriate environment to interact. A relationship will consistently improve significantly if you both understand the value of each other’s time. It’s important to respect your partner’s interests as much as he or she respects yours. Even if you’ve had some bumps in the road, this kind of interaction will always make your relationship better.

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