Technique to improve my interpersonal relationships during this 2022


Hurt Feelings And Consequently Damaging Or Ending Ties Of Years With Friends And/Or Family

On behalf of the bEmotion team, we wish this new year, 2022, comes loaded with good moments. Above all, your interactions are full of harmony and understanding. Therefore, and in order to continue creating those good moments that can lead you to improve your relationships, I want to give you this technique so that you can use it in those moments when you feel that your reactions are not the most appropriate and can hurt feelings and consequently damaging or ending ties of years with friends and/or family members. I want to thank you for following and giving your “likes” and opinions to the posts of bEmotion through the website, Instagram and Facebook. Personally, it was a pleasure to offer my knowledge and experience as a psychologist to all of you. I hope this relationship will continue to strengthen this coming year and continue having the opportunity to keep sharing the same path through our lives.


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I am currently registered as a psychologist at the Colombian College of Psychologists (COLPSIC) and as a psychotherapist (qualifying) at the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Canada (CRPO). I coordinate the segment “Speaking with the community” in the program “Connections,” which is broadcast every Sunday from the radio station of the Western University of London.