Newton’s second law and its relation with productivity


Newton'S Second Law And Its Relation With Productivity

Many times we have felt that we work and work strenuously to achieve a goal but, in the end, the results are not what we expected. This is explained in Newton’s Second Law of motion which tells how a force affects the speed at which an object moves. (look at the video). Applying this law in our day-to-day, we should not only pay attention to how much work we are doing but also where we are applying that work (direction). What is the use of making an effort, if I don’t focus all that effort in one direction? I must begin to be aware of where that effort is going. Where we direct our efforts is as important as how much effort we exert. Temptations, distractions, and a lack of organization and planning scatter our energy and work in different directions. If we want to optimize our productivity, we must avoid dispersing our forces. Contact me


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