Learn with Newton’s pendulum the first law of motion and its relationship with productivity


Learn With Newton'S Pendulum The First Law Of Motion And Its Relationship With Productivity

First Law of Motion: An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion continues in motion unless a force acts on it and stops it.
If you are currently in a state of inaction with respect to an #activity or task to be #performed , you will tend to remain inactive unless an internal or external force stimulates you to move. We tend to leave things intact, it is a fundamental law of the universe.
So, as Newton says, if we seek the forces to act and move, we will continue to move. States of action lead us to continue acting. We know, if we are doing something to achieve our goals, this law states that we will tend to keep working to achieve them and be #moreproductive
I agree with you, the most critical element is #gettingstarted. We have to find a way to #getmoving . Once we get the ball rolling, it will be infinitely easier to keep going until the task is done.


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