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How to take advantage of the morning routine to generate a change.


G. David Jaramillo


January 14, 2021


How to take advantage of the morning routine to generate a change.

This article aims to give you a short routine to energize you and start your morning. It will help you clarify your mind, activate yourself, and plan your day to get closer and closer to your values and achieve your purposes. This is a recipe for energizing the morning happily and productively; it will allow you at the end of the day to move forward and work on your value system with joy and in a planned way.

As I have been saying, the brain has limited energy, so the smartest way to take advantage of it is to plan and prioritize the most critical aspects; thus, the morning schedule is ideal for this type of activity.

What we require:

1. A bed.

2. Our body.

3. A journal or notebook.

4. Five “tender” values that we have identified are part of our most appreciated values and characterize us.

5. A glass of water.

6. Much gratitude.

7. A “dash” of spirituality.

8. And lots of adventure.

This exercise can last between 15 and 30 minutes and is done as follows:

Still, in bed, and as soon as you open your eyes, we will add a glass of gratitude. Let us remember that we are one of the many blessed who had the opportunity to open the eyes to a world full of opportunities that others could not. Giving thanks allows us to clarify and centralize our thoughts to start the day being more positive.

After this moment of gratitude, take one, two, or three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling. At the end of this breath, we will stretch the whole body; the intensity of the stretch depends on your physical condition at that time. Stretching will allow you to oxygenate each of the cells in your body adequately.

As soon as you finish stretching, drink water to support your body’s physical and biological processes. It is proven that drinking water in the morning helps regulate part of our physiological processes. At the end of this hydration stage, you will perform the first task of the day, which is to make the bed. Making the bed has proven to be an easy way to feel proud of having accomplished our first “productive” task of the day and will give us even more encouragement to complete more tasks during the rest of the day.

Now is the time to plan. We will take our notebook, and we will write in it the values ​​to work on during the day. Ideally, a psychologist or psychotherapist can help you determine the values ​​that characterize you; However, while you have a professional consultation, you can do so by asking your partner, a friend or a relative about the strengths or positive traits that characterize you. These are ultimately related to your value system. Of these, you will take one or two per day or per week to work them. In your notebook or journal, you will write what actions or behaviours you are willing to carry out to do during the day or week to align you with the chosen value or values.

At night or at a specific time, it is time for a self-assessment. On a scale of 1 to 5, with (5) being aligned and (1) the opposite, you will evaluate how effective you were in your alignment process. You can involve your partner or a family member or friend in the evaluation process so they can participate as “spies.” As a game, you can ask them what kind of behaviour they noticed differently that has allowed you to get closer to the value you are working on.


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